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If you are an Advertiser...

Cute name, but who cares?


Challenge: Advertisers want transparency and more control of their ad spends, but razor-thin budgets prohibit building a team to work directly with everyone.


Challenge: Publishers demand the best pay-out and ability to pitch their unique traffic to an Advertiser with minimal staffing required.

Solution: Brown Boots bridges this gap between Publishers and Advertisers effectively.

How do you bridge the gap?


Brown Boots contracts with a Publisher to understand their business model. We devise a strategy for the Client’s audience and their *reward structure to optimize conversions.

*if applicable

How do you bridge the gap?


We connect with Advertisers who will gain value from the Client’s audience to secure placements.


Once matched, we set up a direct partnership between the Advertiser and the Publisher, remaining present through the lifecycle to support both sides.

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How does Brown Boots help Advertisers?

Our main purpose is to help Advertisers maximize the value from any given Publisher.

We do this in two steps:

Advertisers maximize
direct partnerships

Connect to us to learn more about new and unique Publishers - You may work with some of them currently, but our relationships are vast,
and we can connect you to many you are not currently working with, thus facilitating the creation of direct partnerships.

best revenues for their traffic

Once the partnership has been established, we work with you to optimize inventory, so you receive the best value, and the Publisher secures the best revenues for their traffic.

Why don’t I just go to the Publisher directly?

Publisher directly

You can go to any Publisher directly, however in most cases they will point you in our direction as they contract us to work on these types of projects and manage them through the lifecycle.

direct connections stay intact

If a Publisher stops working with Brown Boots, your direct connections stay intact, and you can continue leveraging a Publisher with a new contact at the Publisher's business. There is no need for a new integration or knowledge transfer as it will already be in place.

How much will this cost me?

We do not charge Advertisers. 
Publishers pay fees to Brown Boots based on performance. This allows us to negotiate the best payout for the Publisher without additional broker fees.

We do not charge Advertisers

Which Publishers does Brown Boots represent?


Due to Publisher sensitivity with being branded near each other, we do not advertise our Publishers.


We kindly request that you set up a time to speak to a Brown Boots representative about your goals and we will be glad to share which Publishers we are contracted with and who we believe would be strong candidates for an initial test.


We will provide you media kits from each Publisher detailing their traffic and demographics/reach.

Which Publishers does Brown Boots represent?

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