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Are your services for brands, agencies, or publishers?

Brown Boots represents publishers (Specifically loyalty and incent publishers). Advertisers and agencies are welcome to connect regarding placement opportunities and brand promotions within our exclusive network of represented publishers


How do I know you won't share my deals and insider information?

An advantage of retaining Brown Boots is for the collective knowledge of the Brown Boots Staff alongside the best practices from publishers within the club. Most of the knowledge will come from Brown boots vs you as a pub and that will be shared. 


Is it true that I can schedule a 20-minute video call with you at my leisure?

Yes! Select "Meet" and schedule a time on my calender.


How does your pricing model work? 

We are a retainer-plus commission-based organization. All fees are paid by the publishers we represent. 


Are you a Network or Agency?

We are not an agency or a network. We are an extension of a publisher's revenue team. We operate with full transparency. Advertisers will be able to address each publisher's traffic individually and optimize based on results. Think of us as a collection of curated publishers 


How is the traffic driven?

Depending on the requirements of the advertiser and the capabilities of the publisher, we will either set up direct campaigns with each publisher and the advertiser and help manage the relationship, or we will leverage the suite of Brown Boots tracking tech to run links between advertiser and publisher


Tell me a joke... 

I saw on the news that the CEOs of T-mobile and Sprint got married last weekend. Great wedding --terrible reception.

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